First Night in Costa Rica


(San José) Transit to Costa Rica was without a hitch. In fact, I was randomly bumped to first class on my flight from Atlanta to San José, making this the first time I’ve flown first class! It was great, though I did feel like a bit of an impostor. I was quite worried about how to pack for this trip. I am used to doing fieldwork in the tropics, and so have a refined method of packing. But, this is the first time my fieldwork is on the land, so I was worried I would neglect to bring something very obvious. To be sure, I know how the airlines like to see an internal frame backpack. I asked the lady checking my bag if I needed to strap anything else down or put it in a big plastic bag, to which she replied, “No, you clearly have done this before, and it looks great, so why mess with perfection?” Just what I like to hear!

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